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    Dogs- They delight and they defend. They de-stress us, make us laugh and fill our lives with love and loyalty. Heads Up For Tails is a celebration of these amazing animals who give so much and ask for so little!

    Welcome to our online space.

    We are a brand for ‘pawsh’ and fun doggie couture. Our products range from chic collars and leashes to an awesome range of accessories for pets! We hope to create useful yet fun merchandise such as harnesses, toys, bowties and more that you and your pets can enjoy.

    Inspiration comes in multifarious ways to those who are passionate enough to seek it. We were greatly inspired by our love for dogs and basically anything to do with these wonderful four legged marvels that fill our lives with undemanding love and loyalty. The idea of Heads Up For Tails was born out of this innate and deep understanding of dogs and their likes and dislikes. Our venture is a means of using our expertise and passion to curate and retail the finest products and accessories for doggie parents and their wards.

    We are always available for inputs, advice, suggestions and help, especially as we believe in doing our bit to create and grow a loving and vibrant community of dog owners, lovers and welfare organizations. You can safely leave your pet’s needs and requirements to us. 


    HUFT USA is managed by two very close friends Rashi and Dhara who met in Singapore. It all began over a bottle of wine at our favourite Italian restaurant when we were discussing the sad news of Dhara’s move to USA. But by the last few sips, something exciting was being cooked up! Weeks of  Starbucks meetings, pages of chicken scratch, hours of brainstorming, number crunching and several coffees, teas and glasses of wine later, HUFT USA was on a roll. What was expected to be a long term ‘separation’ turned into an exciting joint venture.  It’s quite surprising what a bottle of wine can do!

    HUFT was first born and nurtured to its current stage by a very hardworking young entrepreuner Rashi Sanon Narang. Created in India from a home office Rashi has grown the brand to the national level. With the rise of e-commerce industry, HUFT products are now available across the Indian sub-continent. We are delighted to extend this to the US market too.

    About Rashi

    I grew up with dogs- Lots of them! And from as early as I can remember I wanted to do something creative and fun around them, perhaps open an animal shelter where I could always be surrounded by wagging tails and happy barks!

    That didn’t happen and instead, I went on to study Human Resource Management at the London School of Economics and then to work in a multinational bank. Boring!

    Then Sara came into my life. She was the first dog for whom I had real and full responsibility (earlier, it was always my parents who were incharge!).

    Sara was a fur-ball of love, naughtiness and a determination to break every rule that was ever made for her!

    In my quest to make sure that she had the best of everything, I scoured the markets and was dismayed by the quality of products available in the local pet stores. That’s when I decided to start a premium pet products line, offering lots of fun and useful stuff for pet lovers like myself to pamper their pets from Head to Tail!

    I am truly passionate about what I do, and you will see this reflected in the design and quality of our products. It’s been a real learning adventure: innovating pet-friendly fabrics and stitching techniques, ensuring quality control, and finding the right vendors to create customized products for our beloved pets.

    About Dhara

    I come from a design background with a MA degree followed by a ten year long career. Due to change in employment laws in Singapore, I found myself without a job after a very successful career path. What felt like a complete lost cause turned into a fantastic opportunity. I am now a firm believer that one when door closes another one opens.

    Fueled by my husband’s support, my family’s universal love for dogs and Rashi’s passion and success, the fire ignited within me. I told myself as I embark on a new journey in a new country, I am ready to embrace a fresh and exciting challenge. I had all the tools to help me.

    Rashi and I are ready to take USA by storm and endeavour to wow our customers with our innovative products, unique designs and creative thoughts which are sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face. As for your fur baby, we have very strict quality control measures in place and design our products keeping comfort and safety as our top priority. We hope you can enjoy using HUFT products as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

    We are aiming to get better and more innovative all the time and would love to hear from you with feedback and suggestions.

    Please write to us to us on dhara@headsupfortails.us and we will definitely try and do the best that we can.

    Thank you for shopping with us. With every purchase, you’re also contributing towards our dream animal shelter!

    Rashi Sanon Narang

    Dhara Dusija